5 clever tips to eat out the healthy way

LifeCare Diagnostic

Jun 28, 2019

  1. When ordering your economy rice (or nasi campur), request for less rice. Choose brown or multi grain rice if available as they retain more of the grain’s nutrients and gives you more fibre.
  2. Order food that are ‘braised’, ‘steamed’, ‘boiled’, ‘grilled’ or ‘roasted’ instead of ‘crispy’, ‘batter-fried’, ‘golden’, ‘fried’, ‘goreng’, ‘breaded’ or ‘crumbed’ which involve deep-frying in a lot of oil.
  3. Go for dishes that have a higher proportion of vegetables. 
  4. Drink “”air suam”” instead of fancy drinks (such as soft drinks, milkshakes & bubble tea)
  5. Sharing is caring! Share your food or choose half portion to prevent overeating.

Don’t just work smart, eat smart too!

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