Corporate Health Screening

A healthy staff is one that is more productive and misses fewer days from work. Even if an employee comes to work, if they don’t feel well, they won’t be as productive as they could be. Health checks for your employees will help to identify health problems early before they become serious enough to take a person off the job.

Ultimately healthy employees contribute to the health of a company’s productivity and savings by lowered healthcare, absenteeism and turn-over costs.

Every business relies on its people. Happy and healthy employees can play an important part in a company’s success.


At Life Care, our objective is to work in partnership with YOU to develop a healthy workplace culture. We are located in Kuala Lumpur within a sprawling health complex, with advanced imaging and laboratory facilities to aid in accurate and prompt diagnosis.

We let our experience and expertise as a leading healthcare provider in health screening solutions to ensure your employees stay healthy. If their results show they may be at risk for certain diseases, such as hypertension or diabetes, we will work with them to improve their health through active intervention including nutrition counseling, fitness advice and other services. With regular screenings and health education, we can help members prevent many diseases by proactively addressing their causes.

WHY you will WANT to work with us!

  1. We listen to what you need and tailor our services to you. All services can be customized around your organisation and budget to ensure you receive maximum value for money.
  2. One stop provider delivering all your health & well-being requirements.
  3. Personalized booking system and prompt appointment service.
  4. Employee health reports feedback to help you monitor quality and professionalism.
  5. Educational materials and scheduled health talks to communicate key health messages.

Below are a few examples of what we offer:

  • Pre-employment Medical Check Up
  • Annual Medical Check Up
  • Corporate Rate
  • Health talks and advisory programmes
    • Continuous Education Support
    • Continuous On-Site Engagement
    • Corporate Rate Extended to Family Member
    • Dedicated Point of Contact

For more information/assistance, email to us at: