haze days are back: protect yourself!

LifeCare Diagnostic

August 21, 2019

Hazy days are back! It has been sweeping through the air in recent days, adding to existing pollution; particles, smoke and dust hanging in the air causing smoky air & foggy vision.

During this period; exposure to haze may cause various types of health problems, from light coughs to serious respiratory problems. Symptoms may include:

Here are 5 ways to survive this haze season because ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’!

  1. Stay hydrated. Increase your water intake.
  2. Stay indoors when possible.
  3. Wear a respiratory mask. N95 masks are recommended.
  4. Stop smoking and/or open burning!
  5. Do not ignore the symptoms!

Visit a doctor as soon as you experience respiratory problems or any other health issues.

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