About VISTA Eye Specialist (VISTA)

VISTA is one of the leading providers of eye care since its establishment in 1999. Based on years of experience in this field, VISTA understands the urgency to address and promote the prevention of blindness. Therefore, 

VISTA strongly advocates early detection through yearly comprehensive eye screening. 

In line with VISTA’s tagline – from blur to clear – 

VISTA is committed to improving their patients’ quality of life through quality vision care, thereby employing modern technology and clinical practices to provide safer vision correction procedure with the best possible results.


  • Cataract Screening & Treatment.
  • Glaucoma Screening & Treatment.
  • Diabetic Screening & Treatment.
  • Laser Eye Treatment.
  • Ocular-plastic & Aesthetic Surgery (Double-Eyelid, Baggy Eyelid etc.).
  • Syringing Evaluation for Blocked Nasolacrimal Duct & Tearing.
  • Pterygium Excision & Grafting.
  • Eye & Ocular Emergencies (Trauma, Foreign Body, Red Eye, Painful Eye, Itchy Eye etc.).
  • Other Minor Treatment & Surgeries.

Diagnostic Instruments:

  • Optical Coherence Tomography (Anterior Segment, Retina & Optic Nerve Evaluation).
  • Dilated & Non-Dilated Fundus Photography.
  • A-Scan (IOL & Axial Length Calculation).


  • General & Advanced Refraction:
  • Spectacle Power & Prescription.
  • Refractive Headaches & Eye Strain Assessment.
  • Computer Vision Syndrome, Ergonomics & Visual Stress.
  • Night Vision & Aberration Control.

Pediatric & Kids Refraction

  • Cycloplegic Refraction & Non-Cycloplegic Refraction.
  • Babies Refraction, Amblyopia & Lazy Eye Assessment.
  • Myopia Control & Visual Development Consultation.

Geriatric & Presbyopia Refraction

  • Reading Glasses & Custom Multifocal Prescription
    Color Vision Assessment
  • Driving License, Pilot & Occupational Consultation.
    Corneal Curvature & Contact Lens Consultation
  • Keratoconus & Cornea Degenerative Diseases.
    Dry Eyes Assessment & Management
  • Artificial Tears & Supplements.
  • Ocular Surface Allergies & Ophthalmic Solutions Consultation.

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Vista Eye Specialist
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