Valentine’s Day Recipe-Sharing:
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February 8, 2021

Where possible, couples are challenged to hold each other’s hand throughout the food preparation process. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Cupid Heart 

(3 basic ingredients Chocolate Heart)


1/2 cup coconut oil melted

1/2 cup cacao powder

1/4 cup maple syrup or raw honey

1/2 tsp vanilla extract optional

pinch sea salt optional


  1. Mix coconut oil, cacao powder and maple syrup well.
  2. Pour the chocolate mixture into the moulds. 
  3. Add optional boosters (nuts, seeds, dried berries, etc) for decoration. 
  4. Leave in the fridge/freezer for 1-2 hours to set (preferably freezer).

*optional add ons: chopped nuts, seeds, goji berries, dried cherries/raspberries, shredded coconut, nut butter.

Why chocolate for your Valentine?

  • Stimulates the nervous system and triggers the release of endorphins, causes the brain to release these “feel good” chemicals.

KKLIU 1600/2021