10 super foods to lower your cholesterol

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Jun 28, 2019

1. Oats
Oatmeal is a good alternative to typical Malaysian dishes for breakfast. Add mixed nuts, fruits and low-fat milk for extra benefits.

2. Brussels sprouts
Apart from soluble fibre, Brussels sprouts are also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Steaming is the best way in preserving the cholesterol-lowering effect of Brussels sprouts.

3. Kidney beans
Kidney beans are great sources of soluble fibre, like most other beans. In addition, kidney beans are also rich in iron.

4. Chickpeas
Chickpeas is high in insoluble fibre, which is good for the digestive system; and contains a great amount of protein and antioxidants. Eat yout chapati with dhal instead!

5. Orange
Orange is not only high in vitamin C and antioxidants but also contains a lot of soluble fibre. Include orange as your 2-a-day for fruits intake.

6. Asparagus
Asparagus contains a wide variety of antioxidant nutrients, including vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and the minerals zinc, manganese, and selenium.

7. Mango
Mango is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Eat mangoes plain, toss slices into salads or blend it with low-fat milk as milkshake for an extra boost of soluble fibre.

8. Sweet potato
Sweet potato is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants. Naturally sweet in taste, sweet potato can be served as a healthy dessert. Or if you really have the urge to eat french fries, substitute them with sweet potatoes instead!

9. Pear
Pears are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K and phytonutrients, which are good antioxidants. Pears can be eaten fresh, or used as an ingredient for salad.

10. Barley
Barley serves as a good source of the minerals selenium, phosphorus, copper and manganese.

Upping your intake of these foods will put you on the path to a balanced diet and keep your heart healthy.

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