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employee health vs productivity


employee health vs productivity

LifeCare Diagnostic

November 29, 2019

Physical health and mental health are among the important factors, besides socio-demographics and organizational factors, affecting employee health, which later influencing workplace productivity. Unhealthy lifestyle and health-related risk factors, such as heart diseases, kidney disease, liver diseases, diabetes and other cardiovascular-related disorders have shown higher rates of absenteeism and presenteeism. 

Presenteeism is characterized by coming to work with some physical and mental disability. 

Furthermore, low productivity also associated with stress, depression and mental exhaustion.

Non-communicable diseases and work-related injuries requires long-term medical interventions and it will cost more than thousands of Ringgit according to Victoria Institute for Strategic Studies, it is estimated that absenteeism and presenteeism costed 4.5% of GDP in Malaysia in 2015, and it is estimated to increase up to 4.9% of GDP in 2030.

In order to improve company’s productivity, protecting your employees’ health by providing some important interventions, such as improving working conditions; and early detection and prevention of non-communicable diseases. Absenteeism can be reduced by 27% and health-care costs by 26% if the company offer workplace health and well-being program to their employees.

Top Reason for Employee Annual Medical Check Up:

Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, by approximately
up to 27%.

Reduce health-care intervention cost for unwell employee.

Providing good and healthy workplace and work performances.

Enhance employee’s morale and loyalty towards company.

Improves social and mental well-being.

Corporate Health Screening, we offer:

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