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Dr Tiffany Ting Qi

1 January, 2023

Importance of Health Screening with Life Care

Health screening (or known as health check-up) allows apparent healthy individuals to prepare for an early detection of diseases. Unfortunately, majority of Malaysians have implemented a personal stigma as intimidation of time and cost that can prevent a healthy routine.

Why Screen Now?

Early Detection Saves Lives

An early detection on your health has proven to prolong the lives of patients, such as patients with heart disease and cancer. Moreover, early detection of these condition does not only help to accelerate healing, but it also enables quicker and more responsive treatment due to a stronger immune system. If you have a family history of known diseases such as heart disease, diabetes or stroke, screening your health early can help you to prevent those complications. Plus, it’s definitely more affordable to prevent a disease than to treat it.

On a Budget? We’ve Got You!

Many have assumed that a comprehensive screening is out of their budget. However, it may not be the case at LifeCare. Our health screening services are customised to suite different individuals who require different types of assessments. While the generic tests such as blood and urine tests are suited for most individuals, specific screening such as ABI and MyPatch Holter are catered to individuals who may need them. With their health guaranteed, patients would be able to prevent expensive medicine prescriptions and treatments, and instead, make an early positive changes to their lives by eating well and exercising regularly.

Provides Peace of Mind

Fatal diseases such as stroke and heart attacks are no longer the worries of older individuals but a trend seen in younger individuals aged between 20 and 40. As a matter of fact, healthy individuals with a family history of known diseases should start taking closer check on your health and put your mind at ease so that you can live life to the fullest. 

Health is Always A Priority

Finally, you may assume that screening for your health would cost a lot of cash as the tests done are deemed unnecessary. Perhaps a better question to ask is ‘What will it cost you when you are diagnosed with stage 4 cancer?’ Always bear in mind that ‘Your health will always be a priority, not just when you fall sick’. Undeniably, health check-up plays a vital role to detect health risks at early stage and it provides a valuable opportunity to attenuate or eliminate a disease.

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