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0 – 4 years old | CANADA Visa Applicants


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PHYSICAL EXAMINATION | 0 – 4 years old


  • Upfront medical examination can be performed before a visa application has been submitted to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
  • If you have lodged your visa, kindly please bring Form 1017 – Medical Report Client Biodata and Summary for upfront medical examination.
  • If you are 18 years old and below, you must be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian
  • If applicable, bring your spectacles or contact lenses
  • Applicants are not required to fast for blood and urine tests
  • Females within the reproductive age group are advised not to schedule their medical examination during their menstrual period. Otherwise, they will be required to come back one week after the completion of menstruation.
  • No need POLIO Vaccine.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Valid Original National Passport

  1. If applicable, Form 1017 – Medical Report Client Biodata and Summary (which contains IME/UCI ID Number)
  2. Any previous chest x-ray film and report
  3. duration and date of treatment
  4. the surgical procedure or medical intervention done
  5. complete final diagnosis
  6. the outcome of treatment or treatment plans and prognosis, if available
  7. Please complete the following form below and bring along during your visit for your Canada Immigration Health examination: Medical Examination for CANADA Visa (Please print page 1 ONLY)
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