Science-based Tips to Improve Your Attention

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April 28, 2021

Have you ever found yourself being agitated and irritated of being distracted by external stimuli and unable to sustain your focus in finishing a task?

Have you ever experienced the difficulty to follow multiple behavioural or cognitive steps in doing things such as solving a mathematical question, planning strategies for a developmental project or even the basic daily activities like preparing meals, and reading? 

If your answer is “YES” for the aforementioned questions, this article will be beneficial and provide an understanding on different categories of attention and science-based tips to improve it.

Attention is the cognitive skill that requires one to concentrate on an activity for as long as it takes to finish in spite of the presence of other distracting stimuli. It is undeniably vital for us, especially in dealing and finishing the tasks that take a long time to complete.

For example, a long-distance journey driver has to sustain his or her attention on the road conditions to avoid potential accidents. In fact, your attention is required while you are reading this text to know more about attention. 

According to Sohlberg and Mateer’s Hierarchical Attentional Model, attention is subdivided into several categories as below: 

  • Arousal: the activation level and level of alertness, whether we are energized or fatigue;
  • Focalized Attention: the ability to direct focus onto a stimulus or activity;
  • Sustained Attention: the ability to attend to a stimulus or activity for a long period of time;
  • Selective Attention: the ability to direct focus onto a specific stimulus or activity in the presence of other distracting stimuli;
  • Alternating Attention: the ability to change focus between two or more stimuli;
  • Divided Attention: the ability to pay focus to different stimuli at the same time.

The mentioned categories of attention are important for an individual in different aspects of the daily life tasks. Henceforth, it is significantly important for one to have attention in the optimum manner in retaining the high-performance level in life. Here are some of the scientific techniques that you may try to improve your attention:

Play brain training games
Get good-quality sleep
Consume brain foods
Exercise regularly
Take a break
Expose to natural environment

You may try to practise these techniques to boost up your attention in your daily life. Last but not least, in the New Mind Brain Health Centre at Wisma LifeCare, they have a holistic scientific approach to improve cognitive functioning level, which includes the usage of applied neuroscience techniques such as the qEEG brain mapping assessment and clinical neurofeedback training. Feel free to contact them for more details to bring your cognitive functions to the next peak level. 

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