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    Protected: Nissan Health Screening Packages

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  • COVID-19 Test Drive-Thru

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  • Uroflowmetry (Urinary flow Assessment)

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  • Genetic Screening DNA Test (Cancers, Heart & Metabolic Diseases)

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  • Echocardiography (Ultrasound scan of Heart)

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  • CT Coronary Angiography (Heart Artery Disease Test)

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  • Free Radical and Anti-Oxidant Test

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  • Pap smear + HPV DNA Genotyping (Cervical Cancer Screening)

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  • Exercise Stress Test (Heart Disease Screening)

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  • Ultrasound scan Abdomen and Pelvis

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  • Female Full Cancer Marker

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  • Male Full Cancer Marker

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  • 52-Allergen Allergy Test

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