An Open Letter to all Malaysians from Life Care 🙂

Dearest Ali, Muthu, Ah Hock and everyone else in between. 

When was the last time you did something new for the first time?

During the pandemic lockdown, those of you who don’t know how to cook must learn to cook for the first time via YouTube videos. Many learn new skills to survive. Businesses adapt and navigate to stay alive. Closer to home, we mask up (please do your part!) and start to take our personal health more seriously. Because it’s no longer about ourselves anymore, it’s about keeping well and healthy for our friends, loved ones and families as well.

With the current economic and social climate with lots of uncertainties of how we are going to play out this virus, staying healthy remains our best defense against all sorts of illnesses. Keeping our immune system up and eating well is just not good enough as we must now acknowledge and be prepared to better manage our personal health.

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To this end, my dear friends, if you have never considered going for medical and health tests, now it’s probably the best time to take action.

We at Life Care have carefully designed a new and more affordable health screening package catering to you and your friends (we mean 25 to 45 years old la) who have NEVER gone for a proper medical and health screening before.

Dubbed “#NewNorm Health Screening Economy Package”, the new lifestyle medical check up package is available exclusively on and Wisma Life Care in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur from 17 September until further notice. Good news must share yea so your neighbours, friends, and families can enjoy more savings. Remember to add more orders into cart before checkout to save more moolah!

We think you agree with us that preventive health care is better than seeking expensive treatments later, kan? Maybe this is your first time in doing something NEW for a while now. So check it out here and see you later, ok?

Life Care

KKLIU 2172/2020