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CARiNG Member Care Package

Health screening package exclusive for CARiNG Pharmacy members.



Blood Tests

  • Blood Grouping (ABO)
  • Diabetic Screen – Fasting Glucose
  • Full Blood Exam
  • Gastritis Screening – H.pylori
  • Hepatitis A Antibody
  • Hepatitis B Antigen & Antibody
  • Lipid Profile
  • Liver Function
  • Kidney Function Test


Urine Tests

  • Full Urine Exam
  • Urine Microscopy
  • Urine Microalbumin


Imaging & Screening Tests

  • Basic Eye Assessment
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Lung Function Test


Dietary & Nutrition Care Assessment

Physical Examination and Doctor Consultation


Medical Report

Complimentary Refreshment


Promotion is valid until 15 August 2023.

Redemption period for Partnership Offers is valid within 3 months after date of purchase. For appointment making, please WhatsApp our EVE at 0122923610.
-Say Hello to EVE.
-Reply 2: Make Appointment for Medical Check-up Packages
-Reply 1: Health Screening Packages
-Reply 3: Partnership Offers
-Please continue to provide your details as requested by EVE.

The preparation prior medical check-up, kindly fast for minimum 6 hours, plain water is allowed and it is advisable to come five days after the last day of menstruation for the urine test. For more information, please read the prior medical check-up instruction by clicking this link:

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