Genetic Screening DNA Test (Cancers, Heart & Metabolic Diseases)

Discover Your Genetic Risks for Diseases Early

Genetic screening can detect possible risks for many genetic diseases before symptoms appear. Based on the detailed results, you can work closely with your doctor to develop a suitable health management plan to mitigate or delay the possible onset of disease through preventive actions.

The genetic test screens your DNA for genetic markers that are linked to inherited risk factors for a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, and cancers. These markers serve as “red flags” in your DNA and can indicate if you are predisposed to a certain type of disease, disorder, or cancer.


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Genetic Screening DNA Test


Genetic Screening is recommended for individuals who want to gain a deeper understanding of their genetic predispositions and potential health risks. It is especially beneficial for those with a family history of genetic disorders, individuals planning for family planning, or anyone who wants to take a proactive approach to their health. Genetic Screening can provide valuable insights that can help guide personalized healthcare decisions and empower individuals to make informed choices about disease prevention and management.

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