The one-stop centre for postpartum moms and newborns

The one-stop centre for postpartum moms and newborns


1. How should I prepare for my confinement?

Once you have confirmed your stay, our team of experts will help to prepare you with the items needed for your stay at the Confinement Centre.

2. What should I expect during my confinement stay at Ukiyo Confinement Centre?

Mothers and newborns’ health and wellness will be catered to during your 28-days stay at the Confinement Centre.

3. I am worried that I would not be able to take care of myself and my baby after the confinement period. What should I do?

Don’t worry, moms! Our confinement support is extended to you – from prepartum to postpartum care counselling. Our confinement care support team are available to answer your questions regarding your motherhood journey.

4. Are the meals provided at Ukiyo Confinement Centre halal?

Our private kitchen can cater to a non-pork and non-wine diet.

5. I am happy to book a stay! How can I book?

You can visit our website to book a centre tour and subsequently book a stay via our WhatsApp number or centre staff after your tour.

6. When should I start booking my confinement stay?

You can book your stay after your first scan of positive pregnancy.

7. Can I extend my confinement stay beyond 28 days?

Yes you can. Extending your confinement stay would be an add-on service for you and baby. Do speak to one of our confinement centre staff for assistance.

8. Which confinement package suites me?

It would depend on your postpartum needs. All our packages includes postpartum massages, herbal baths, 24 hours mother and baby care and security.

9. It’s my second child, should I still do confinement at Ukiyo Confinement Centre?

Yes. Our confinement centre provides a wholesome care for mothers to rest enough throughout their postpartum recovery.

10.What are the safety measures for me and my baby at Ukiyo Confinement Centre?

We have a scheduled routine nursing team to help mothers and newborns with their needs, 24 hours a day. Our confinement rooms are also equipped with emergency bells to help our allied medical team to reach mothers and newborns within the shortest time span. In addition, we provide all CCTVs around the Confinement Centre.

11. If there are unforeseen circumstance due to medical complications (such as miscarriage), will I get a refund?

Yes, we can provide a refund when a doctor’s letter is presented as proof. As an alternative, mothers are able to stay-in with us to heal and recuperate the body. The length of this stay would depend on the amount of deposit paid.

12. Do you offer different confinement durations - for example, 28 days and below or above?

Yes, we offer extensions after the 28th day. Please proceed to ask one of our confinement care support team member for assistance. We do not recommend shortening your confinement period as it would affect the overall health of the mother

13. Nobody is cooking for me during my confinement at home. Can I only order confinement meals?

No, we do not provide confinement meals only.

14. What are the visiting hours for Ukiyo Confinement Centre?

Only immediate families are allowed to visit the mothers and their newborns. Our visiting hours are from 11am to 7pm.

15. Are all the nurses and nurse aides trained to care for newborns?

Yes, we do provide regular training for our nurses and nurse aides.

16. How many babies are assigned to 1 nurse at a time?

1 nurse will be assigned to care for ONE to THREE newborns at a time.

17. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, what are the necessary steps taken to ensure a holistic protection for mothers and their newborns?

Floor staffs and routine medical allied will go through a daily RTK test (self-test) to ensure the confinement centre is Covid-19 free. All unwell staffs are required to refrained from attending to mothers and babies and will be required to quarantine at home. Visitors visiting both mothers and babies are required to undergo a RTK test on their visitation day before arriving at the confinement centre. All other requirements will be subjected to the Health Ministry of Malaysia.

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