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LifeCare Dignostic

September 09, 2021


The word alone is scary enough to utter from one’s mouth. But for some… It may be the only solution for them to end their pain. It may be silly and scary to you, but they may feel trapped, they may feel like a burden to their family, friends and the society. They may feel like they are alone and no one is able to help them… so they are left with no choice.

Some of you may think they are just simply giving up on life without trying. Some forget that we are all just humans and we have limitations. You may be able to cope with stress and the pressure in life but for some, they may have difficulties of doing so. And the stigma that were created by our society has caused a barrier for them to seek help.

It’s time to change our mentality and start by making a difference today.

Just a simple “hello”, “Are you OK?” or “Let’s talk”, can make a really big difference. Your small gestures and actions may help them reach their first step towards life. So, reach in and ask somebody.

You don’t have to provide them with solutions, but simply by making time and space to listen. Small talks can save lives and form a sense of connection and hope.

So, be the light to those in pain. We may never know what we do that makes a difference.


  1. Take time to reach out
    1. notice what is going on with them
    2. If you notice something is different, reach out and start a conversation
    3. Search what help is available
  1. Look out for those who are having difficulties coping with life
    1. Look out for warning signs of suicide include:
      1. Hopelessness
      2. Rage
      3. Uncontrolled anger
      4. Seeking revenge
      5. Acting reckless or engaging in risky activities
      6. Feeling trapped vii. increased alcohol or drug use
      7. Withdrawing from friends, family & society
      8. Anxiety and agitation
      9. Changed sleeping habits
      10. Dramatic mood changes
  1. You don’t need to have all the answers
    1. Just listen
    2. Key to preventing a tragedy is by having empathy, compassion, genuine concern, knowledge of resources and a desire to help
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask someone if they are suicidal
    1. Ask them how they are doing and encourage them to share their story. A small gesture can help in this situation.
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