Why Does Everyone Mumble?

It’s not them, it’s actually you.

Life Care Diagnostic

March 30, 2021

By Noranis Ab Manaf 

Hearing is essential as one of the vital social senses. It has many different functions besides the simple act of talking and listening. 

Hearing makes it possible for language acquisition, gathering information, communication and orientation. Certain noises are able to alert one about dangers. It also allows us to express feelings. A sentence can deliver different messages depending on how someone talks in different tones and rhythm. In order to react adequately to a message, it is important to be able to hear.


According to a study, the prevalence of hearing impairment is much higher compared to visual impairment with 9.2%, although hearing was classified as second-rate sense compared to vision. However, not many people realize the essential of hearing and how hearing loss can give a great impact in their life.

Hearing loss is a condition that can be described as the hearing ability is reduced and not equal to normal people. World Health Organization (WHO | Deafness and hearing loss, 2015) described hearing loss as people who are having hearing thresholds greater than 25 decibels. 

Hearing loss is classified according to the degree of loss which can be mild, moderate, severe or profound. Type of hearing loss also varies; it can be conductive loss, sensorineural loss or mixed loss depending on the related site of disorder in the auditory system, either outer, middle, or inner part of the auditory system.


People with hearing loss will have a big impact on their daily life, including quality of life, social life, academic achievement and others. However, the most affected part is the conversation. 

A person with mild to moderate loss may not notice this problem when they have a conversation in a quiet or close distance, however, they may strain to hear during noisy environments with more than 2 persons and the distance between them is further away. Meanwhile, those who have severe to profound hearing loss will find it very challenging to follow a simple conversational speech and may only hear loud sounds.

If you have any experience with any level of difficulty in hearing, please seek for a hearing care professional to get your hearing tested. It’s the first step toward improving your hearing and life quality. 

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